Want to know what it takes to become a member of Combat Veterans International? Read on.

This is a brief summary of becoming a member of Combat Veterans International, please contact your local chapter for full details and specific requirements, thank you.

Full Members are those Combat Veterans from all wars and military actions, as verified by DD214, who are accepted by a local chapter after a probationary period.

You should attend one of our meetings. Times and days are listed in the individual chapter pages, which can be found at the "Links Page"

At this meeting, or any time in the future, you may fill out and submit an Application for Membership. The meeting at which you submit the application will be your first "official" meeting, and you will be a "Prospective Member."

Attend the next two consecutive meetings. At your third meeting you will be considered for "Probationary" Membership . If approved you will receive a "Rocker" and you will be expected to complete a "cut"(vest) by the next meeting.

As a Probationary Member, you are required to attend meetings, although advance notice to the Membership Committee or the Officers will constitute an "excused absence."

After six meetings as a Probationary Member, you may be considered for Full Membership. You may also be asked to spend additional months as a Probationary Member before being considered.

During these months, you are expected to get acquainted with most if not all the members. You are urged to participate in all of our activities. We prize active participation above all else. Prospective members are not allowed to vote at meetings. A rocker does not have a vote at the table. He or she may join in a discussion but has no vote until they wear a full patch. 

This process is long and drawn out, to purposely allow you to consider your decision to join us. It also allows us to get to know you so we can be sure that we want you to join us.

So, come to a meeting in your area. We respect all veterans, and thank you for your time and interest in joining the CVI family.

Ride safe.

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