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Combat Veterans International "Chapter 5 Resigned-Member"

John "Shaky" Horton


John Horton

Husband, Father, Veteran & Rider

John Horton was asked if he was married. His response "Yes, I'm Real Married" shows his love for and commitment to his wife, family and vows.

John's sense of duty and commitment came from his father who was a Submariner and served during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. John's Dad was a biker too, and was a member of the Booze Fighters MC. John was proud of his father's service and influenced by his MC commitment.

Before John enlisted in the Army and served in Desert Storm, he married Kara, started their family and rode any motorcycle he could find.

After his return from the Middle East, John sought VA assistance for combat related issues. During his VAMC visits John recognized the isolation and despair many Veterans experience. He vowed to act as an advocate for Veterans and establish periodic VA hospital visits to deliver donations of books, food and clothing.

Also, John worked as a commissioned police officer, private security officer, casino dealer and security trainer, cemetery worker, car salesman, tool salesman, personal protection, treasure hunter's security and a motorcycle mechanic. Of course, he was always a motorcycle mechanic preferring to ride motors he could fix on the side of the road. Which he did with some frequency.

Over the years, John was a member of four motorcycle organizations.

First, he rode with the Alky Angels Motorcycle Association Intl. A Renton, WA based Clean and Sober group promoting safe riding.

Next, John was a 'Charter 45' member of Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. CVMA was John's first Combat Veteran group where he organized the Seattle VA Hospital Guerrilla Run. He resigned from CVMA in 2003.

To John, Combat Veterans International combined the Alky Angel theme with CVMA's Veteran support focus. In 2003, he brought the Guerilla Run to CVI. In 2004, CVI Chapter 5 recognized his efforts and leadership by renaming this annual event "The Shaky John Guerilla Run." He resigned from CVI in September 2005.

Finally, as with all his earlier transitions, John joined the Dirt & Grime Motorcycle Club for many reasons. He found fulfillment by assisting their Veterans through direct intervention with the VA bureaucracy, working as a motorcycle mechanic and like his Dad and brother before him, wearing an MC patch. John died riding with DGMC doing what he wanted to do.

Shaky John's Legacy

A loving wife, four remarkable children and countless Veteran and motorcycling Brothers.


CVI's continued support of our member Kara Horton and The Shaky John Guerilla Run.



Remembering Shaky John

Beside a two-lane road

Stands a small white cross

A biker didn’t make this curve

We all suffer with the loss

A wife has lost a husband

Children have lost a dad

The memories flood of better times

Of good rides that we’ve had

There was the ride to Soap Lake

And sneaking off to get a beer

The talk in that old dusty lot

A time when we were near

I will remember that special grin

Before the summer sun is gone

The hug before a CVI meeting

I will miss you Shaky John

By the Mad Poet of CVI Chapter 5



Rest in Peace our Brother

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