How to register

This forum contains the information you need to start using and enjoying our bulletin board. Please read each entry and follow the instructions to:

a) create a user name and password
b) start enjoying communicating with other members
c) obtain areas for your chapter to have private discussions.
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How to register

Post by LT » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:54 pm

This is your new message board / forum and is by invitation only for CVI Members only. CVI Members will need a user name and password to interact with the message board /forum. All CVI Members need to Register in order to use the board. The CVI Webmaster is the site Administrator and all request for Access and Permissions will be forward to him. In the event I do not recognize your CVI membership status, I will send you an email asking you to provide more information:

Your information will be verified for correctness, after that time you will be granted access to the message board. Sincerely CVI Webmaster.


PHP forums is a much more powerful and more easily regulated message
board system than our previous option. However, with great power comes great responsibility, in this case the need to learn how to use a different
system for message boards. So here are some hints to help you through
the first few days. (This will not take years and we were wasting lots
of time before, it was just the web masters spending the time keeping
the board clean versus you learning how to use the new board.) So here we go.

1. You have to register. Click on the button above that says
"Register". You will be asked to create a username and give some
information. This information will go to the web master so that he can
check out that you are who you say you are. You must include some sort
of identifying info such as what chapter you come from and your road
name so that we can identify you. If you do not include your chapter under "location" the moderators WILL NOT authorize you. The recommended user name is your ROAD NAME. This makes it easy for people to keep track. If you have a duplicate road name you will have to be creative, for example "GrizzlyChapter1" might be an option.

2. After you register you will receive an email from the web master
confirming your account. Please save this email as it has your login information in case you forget it. At this point you go back to the message
board, click the button that says "Log in". It will ask for the username and
password that you created when you registered. If you also click the
button that says "Log me in automatically on each visit" you will never
have to do this again.

3. You are now ready to browse the forums. Each forum has a header
that tells you what kind of discussion should be found in that forum. When
you select a forum you will see messages from other members which you can read or reply to. You can also post a new topic by clicking the button that says, you guessed it, "New Topic". Type in the subject of your message and what you want to say, and off you go.

4. If you have issues with the forum, please contact one of the web
masters. This is not difficult and should not take you too long to
figure out. If things aren't working then either you are trying to do
something that the forum is not designed to do, or you are just in the wrong section. Let us know and we can put you on the straight and narrow

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