Washington state red light bill passes

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Washington state red light bill passes

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To ABATE of Washington members and fellow Freedom Fighters,

SB5141 - Allowing motorcycles to stop and proceed through traffic control signals under certain conditions has passed the House of Representatives. The bill now has to make a brief stop in the Senate for 'concurrence', then it will head to the Governor's desk for signature.

In June this year, a law will go into effect that will finally allow that "If a vehicle-activated traffic control signal fails to detect the presence of a street-legal motorcycle, the operator of the motorcycle may, while exercising due care, proceed through the traffic signal. The operator may do so, however, only after he or she has come to a full and complete stop at the intersection and has waited at least 90 seconds for the traffic light to begin a change in signal phase". (taken from 2014 House Transportation Committee bill analysis)

This bill has been sought by ABATE of Washington since 2002.

This year it finally becomes a victory for all the motorcyclist in Washington State.

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