2015 Black Thursday

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2015 Black Thursday

Post by LT » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:22 am

Black Thursday is an annual tradition put on by ABATE of Washington to encourage motorcyclists of all types to meet with their legislators at the beginning of the legislative session. This year's event is on Thursday January 22nd.

ABATE is pushing to major issues this year.

1) Modification of the helmet law to allow adults to choose whether or not to wear a motorcycle helmet. The purpose of this bill is to allow adults the freedom to make their own decisions when it comes to safety gear. There are many studies showing that there is little to no connection between deaths and motorcycle helmet use. In some cases a helmet may protect, in some cases a helmet may hinder. That is, however, besides the point. As a free citizen in a free country the government should not be in the business of mandating what level of risks the people choose to engage in.

2) Lane sharing to allow motorcycles to ride between traffic lanes. This bill is designed to allow for more efficient traffic flow. Lane sharing, when conducted responsibly, reduces traffic congestion by encouraging motorcycle commuters. It also allows motorcycle riders to avoid stop and go traffic on days when hot conditions may result in damage to air cooled motorcycles. The California Highway Patrol has repeatedly supported lane sharing laws in California as they do not see a safety issue and believe in the benefits of the practice. Currently California is the only state that allows this. Time to make Washington the second.

Anyway, if you have the time and might be interested in heading to Olympia to see your legislator on that day, please drop Lyle an email. Kyle is the coordinator for ABATE and is keeping a calendar of appointment times so as to help maximize the communications effort on that day. His email address is com1@abate-wa.org

As a short aside, a quick note on law, anything not specifically prohibited under our legal system is, by default, allowed. For example, there does not need to be a law stating that lane sharing is legal, merely no law stating that it is prohibited. You may wish to keep this in mind next time you are arguing a point of law with someone and they ask "where does it say that you can do that?". Rather it is up to them to show you a law which says "You cannot do that".
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Re: 2015 Black Thursday

Post by Rowboat » Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:06 pm

Good information! I am a member of Abate and recommend everyone to join if they want to make a difference.

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