Escort to Tahoma 5/25/2019

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Escort to Tahoma 5/25/2019

Post by Trouble » Wed May 22, 2019 7:37 am

Special request for escort to Tahoma National Cemetery for Joel Courreges USMC.

Who: Bikers wishing to volunteer to escort a Marine and DAV Service Officer to his final resting place at Tahoma Nation Cemetery

What: Honorable Escort for Joel Courreges USMC to Tahoma National Cemetery

When: Sat. 25 May, 0930, KSU from Mullenix Park and ride in Port Orchard. Be there NLT 0915 to line up.

Where: From Mullenix Park and Ride in Port Orchard to Stanley Elementary School to meet up with the east side group (east side riders be there NLT 0955) KSU 1010 and then to Tahoma National Cemetery.

Why: To honor a Marine and DAV Service Officer who always volunteered selflessly to serve others.
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