Glad you don't live in Australia?

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Glad you don't live in Australia?

Post by LT » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:54 pm

The ministers agreed that the states and territories should consider introducing the following legislative measures, where they have not already done so:
  • measures that permit coercive questioning of individuals to assist with investigation of organised crime offences;
  • consorting or similar provisions that prevent a person associating with another person who is involved in organised criminal activity as an individual or through an organisation;
  • measures that enable police to engage in controlled operations and enable the use of assumed identities to facilitate investigations and intelligence gathering;
  • legislation to permit the use of surveillance devices for the purposes of investigating serious and organised crime;
  • witness protection legislation and asset confiscation legislation to enable a court to restrain a person's tainted assets;
  • and
    model cross-border investigative powers for controlled operations, assumed identities, witness identity protection and surveillance devices.
Want to know who decides if your organization is organized crime? The Attorney General. You can then go to court to try to prove him wrong, at your expense, of course.

Emphasis mine in above list.
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