{Poem} Thunder Shower

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{Poem} Thunder Shower

Post by Tasha Wolf » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:53 pm

As I sat on my bed looking out my window, I heard the rain start out as a soft pitter-patter against my roof, then it gradually became a thumping drum-like pound. The wind, light and filled with a musty smell, danced and played with the leaves so full and green all around my yard. Then as the rain slowed down to a soft pitter-patter again, a streak of the brightest blue light shot through the heavens with a deafening crash, causing me to jump.

Soon the rain ceased to fall, but the beautiful streaks of light and the crashing thunder still remained as I sat there enthralled with the beauty of it all. A good ten minutes later, the Earth was finally at peace with the Sky as the thunder and lightning faded away; in its place, a blue sky emerged from behind the sickly-looking clouds. The sun beamed as though it would never stop; for it knows that someday it may be no more than just another dull star in among all the other millions and millions of listless stars; and I know I will be returned to the dust from which I came.

Tasha LeeAnne Wolf
14 May 1989
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