Chapter 3 CVI at Highlands Middle School

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Chapter 3 CVI at Highlands Middle School

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Chapter 3 has long been involved with the students at Highlands Middle School whether is be accepting their invitation to attend their "Annual" Veterans' Day" event or inviting their "Honor Society" students to spend the day here at the Chapter Clubhouse along with their teachers and Office Staff for fun and games near the end of the school year.
This year was a completely new area for all of us here in Chapter 3 as we were invited by the school and Mrs. Connie Fow to be involved with her different classes for a full day of answering questions the students had on a variety of current topics. We are very proud of this invitation and that the kids welcomed us with open arms and open minds. All this will eventually lead them to being part of a State wide assessment program. I offer you my Brothers to read the article and view the short video that is available as well. Hoorah !!.. ... 18036.html

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Re: Chapter 3 CVI at Highlands Middle School

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As a teacher I can say that nothing would terrify me more than having a bunch of CVI members loose in my classroom.

Just kidding, of course. Well done. What an opportunity.
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Re: Chapter 3 CVI at Highlands Middle School

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Re: Chapter 3 CVI at Highlands Middle School

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Very good.
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