Special Postings from past issues of our chapter page

Special posting: This video was created by some peacekeeping soldiers in Kosovo and is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. The video is approximately 4.5 MB in size and will take several minutes to download if you are on dialup. To watch the video from Internet Explorer click on the link. To watch from Netscape Navigator right click on the link, save to your desktop, then click on the file to watch. Enjoy. Kosovo Music Video
So here is an update on this video. Apparently this parody song was actually written by Bob Rivers or his staff, a DJ at KZOK in Seattle. It has also been reported that Rocky from 92.9 may have had a hand in this song, but if so he was on Bob's staff at the time. The performers were Swedish wearing Norwegian uniforms and the government of Norway, demonstrating that governments generally don't have a sense of humor, have issued an apology to anyone who might have been offended by the song.

Special posting: While I'm on the subject of video, this is a cool one. Allegedly a gun camera film from one of our Iraq units. 2.5 MB, same instructions as Kosovo Music Video. Iraqi Insurgent Takeout Video

And while we are at it, an official source who declined to be named (Official Secrets Act and all that stuff) stated the following about the takeout video. "the pilots were based on Anaconda which is north of Bagdad. The incident took place between Balad and Samarra which is just north of Anaconda. The item tossed was an RPG-7and if you see the video in the larger standard size you actually see the bady parts flying around. I can't remember the chopper call signs, but they were Apaches. I think this happened around Nov of 03 give or take a month or two." Thanks Mike.

Special Notice: Wolf Snyder, from the Stanwood area, was the winner of our 2005 raffle. Wolf elected to take his prize as cash to put towards his new Road King. Here is Wolf holding his check and the winning raffle ticket stub. Thanks for all who participated in our raffle. We appreciate your support.

Ticket number 02631, Congratulations to Bill
The winner of this year's 2006 Harley Davidson Softail Standard raffle, and great job to everyone who worked hard to make the raffle a roaring success. Thanks to everyone who participated by buying a ticket to help our veteran's programs.