Letter to Congress about firearms law

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Letter to Congress about firearms law

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Thought you might be interested in seeing what I wrote. This is to Speaker Paul Ryan. I have written separate (and shorter) letters to our local reps but I don't expect much from them. Still worth writing so that at the least they can't claim that there was overwhelming support for more gun laws, even as they vote for them anyway.

Congressman Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515-4901

October 29, 2017

Dear Congressman Ryan,

I am very disappointed in the actions and attitude of the Republican Congress over the past nine months. For eight years we were told that we needed a Republican Congress, then a Republican Senate, and then a Republican President in order to make headway on protecting the Second Amendment at the federal level. We have now had all three for the past nine months and not only has there not been action on further protecting our Second Amendment rights, the Republican controlled Congress and you as the Speaker, appear to be supporting further restrictions.

Over the past nine months you could have supported our rights in a variety of politically palatable ways including: removing the archaic restriction on cross border sales given the proven efficacy of the instant background check system; allowing Americans to exercise their rights across state lines by passing a federal concealed carry reciprocity bill; allowed Americans to purchase American made Garand rifles that were shipped overseas during the war, as well as other high quality foreign made firearms, by eliminating the "sporting purposes test" that an anti-gun bureaucracy has imposed on the country; and allowed hunters and shooters to both protect their hearing and reduce noise pollution by removing the restrictions on sound suppressors. None of these actions would have had the effect of increasing crime because all of these restrictions are on law abiding citizens who are generally disposed to obey the law. Criminals aren't buying guns from guns stores, aren't obtaining concealed carry permits, aren't collecting eighty year old rifles, and can easily make a suppressor out of hardware store items if they want one.

However, instead of taking any action at all, members of the Republican controlled Congress, including yourself, are instead piling on to more anti-gun regulations which will have a negative effect on law abiding Americans and no effect on criminals. Your call for the unilateral banning of "bump stocks" by the BATFE, combined with GOP and Democratic sponsored legislation to do the same is misguided and dangerous. For the record, bump stocks are not a serious firearm accessory. They reduce accuracy to the point that the firearm becomes almost worthless for law abiding use. I have never owned one and I do not know anyone who has ever owned one. I can see the attraction of a ban because it would seem to be a politically safe move. However, the problem arises when you start to define a bump stock. It appears to be defined, at least in the proposed bills, as "a device that increases the rate of fire without converting the firearm to a machine gun". Unfortunately a stronger return spring on any semi-automatic firearm will do the same thing, as will a lighter trigger, two modifications that are often made to make firearms more accurate for competition, hunting, or sport shooting. Any of these proposals opens the door for an anti-gun Administration or BATFE director to start prosecuting law abiding gun owners. This is not an idle prediction. Our recent history is replete with examples of a leftist bureaucracy using vaguely worded legislation to target lawful gun owners, including the "sporting purposes" test for importation, arm braces for handguns, attempts to ban various types of ammunition, and prosecution of gun owners who happened to be stranded in New York airports with a firearm through no fault of their own.

I will be writing to my representatives on this issue as well, but unfortunately I happen to live in an area where I have two anti-gun Democratic Senators and one anti-gun Democratic Congresswoman so I do not have the same high expectations of them as I do of you and the GOP. I will, meanwhile, continue to work to elect conservatives from my district who believe in the American people, the Constitution, and freedom. I would hope that the GOP would represent those beliefs and not cave to the totalitarian agenda of the left.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.


Calvin Armerding
610 G Street
Blaine, WA 98230
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