Want to know what it takes to start a chapter of Combat Veterans International? Read on.

This is a brief summary of the requirements to start a chapter of Combat Veterans International. Please contact one of the National or Regional Officers in your area for full details and specific requirements, thank you.

The basic requirements to start a chapter are:


  1. From our Standard Operating Procedures: (Any qualified person wishing to form a new Chapter will need to meet with the local Regional Council or their representatives to discuss the goals and vision of the Organization, as well as why you want to start a new Chapter.  Any member of CVI will have the right to attend these meetings.)
  2. You can start with three but you'll have to have five before you are granted a full charter: 
  3. If you are accepted you will be provided with rockers to build a vest (cut).  You are on probation but you are NOT prospects like a motorcycle club.  We don't do that.
  4. You should plan on some traveling.  (Each prospective Chapter will be required to meet with the NEC or their representatives a minimum of three times prior to being awarded a Chapter charter)
  5. You are going to adopt our Constitution and SOP so read them carefully to make sure you are OK with what we do.  (Each Chapter will adopt the CVI Constitution and SOP in order to ensure uniformity of operation within the Organization.)
  6. It will take some time  (A minimum of six months after obtaining probationary Chapter status, and upon the recommendation of the applicable RC, a vote will be held) 

This process may seem complicated but the members of CVI have dedicated themselves to ensuring that new members are committed to the goals and vision of the Organization. We have chosen to make the process more difficult compared to some other veteran motorcycle groups in order to ensure that commitment.

If you are still interested, please go to the Contacts page and get in touch with one of our National Officers.

Ride safe.

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