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This page contains links to information that you may find useful as a veteran. These pages include United States government sites, as well as sites by veterans who are interested in helping out their brothers. Please use this information if you need help.


US Navy Flag United States Navy                     US Marine Flag United States Marine Corps

                                       US Coast Guard Flag United States Coast Guard

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The Constitution of the United States of America

Search for legislation currently in Congress

CVMAClick here to link to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

GPO Access Home Page GPO Access disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government. Learn about the Federal Government from Ben Franklin.  All the Benefits of Service

Defend America U.S. Department of Defense News


Vietnam Veterans of America

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Purple Heart Registry
The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Disabled American Veterans The American Legion

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